the lumber market prices procession

the lumber market prices procession

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In July, several important economic data of the first one for economic trends, provides the reliable data for reference. Central Banks in the late 8th June released ahead of new credit data: all the new 15304 trillion yuan a month, the month deposit 20022 trillion yuan, new in China were first new loans 7.36 trillion yuan. This means that our economic entity and capital market liquidity is still enough. The enterprise business survey, in the second quarter of the firms' index of 115.9 10.3 points, picks up. In June, the finance income 6867.5 billion yuan last year, more than 1123.65 billion yuan with increased. In these factors, the powerful thrusting domestic macroeconomic stabilises recovery of basic establishment. While China's export remain in June, and negative 21.4% yoy G8 meeting suggested more stimulus plan to lift the world economy, international economic situation is still uncertain.

Although already entered the traditional slack period, but the overall market did not appear lumber market weakening trend, part of the product sales outlets even picked up, supply and demand situation and June, complies with the expectations of dealers.

Fang material market: prices stable, and maintain product sales materials. Slightly

Ingredients: product sales in southeast Asia, a price rose acid branches. Recently, the southeast Asia market into a wood sales volume adjustment stage, varieties in June, but lower overall situation and without drastic change. The wood is introduced into the market, the tenant seven months later, with a fixed customer business outlets, but appear small volume, other retail business in Asia, gradually reduce the overall sales decline. The market is still relatively popular varieties used lumber and wood of teak, wingceltis is rare, supply and demand along with sales downturn continues without change. Since the summer, Laos acid as rare wood supply for graft is less, the price rose, rose reaches 10,000 yuan/ton, And the price of lumber in southeast Asia used not to like specifications, (3) m (2.2-2.5 cm (5) -- the teak 15500 yuan/cubic newspaper with specifications, A gold quote 4800 yuan/cubic, with A reported $34 cloning of wood/cubic meter.

African material: sales and market price relatively ideal no adjustment. For more than half a month to Africa, lumber products remain relatively optimistic, sales downturn has appeared in the summer season. The tenant is introduced, and the market economy increasingly stabilises, furniture enterprise, the demand of Africa was sold in high interval. In the popular varieties, pomelo, peach blossom core, GuMan, shabili products. However, there are also due to the summer is estimated, the tenant furniture market, in August to the season between the time furniture, African materials sales may fall. At present, African materials, such as price to dimension for (2.2-3) m * (2.5 cm (5) -- the Olympic GuMan quote 3300 yuan/cubic, with A peach blossom is 5800 yuan/cubic newspaper.

Ingredients: product sales in North America, raw material price shocks and closed up. In may, after the short callback of North America in July, materials, again to basically stable market supply and demand, and part of the business and even reach on-site before 2008. Introduce according to the market and the dealer in 4, 5, north of raw materials, wood procession price had fallen to rock bottom, at present, because of the U.S. economy, rising oil prices and stabilises, North America logs price rises, but increase signs appear, and North America is still no obvious procession price adjustment, Notable is, the north American logs cost rising trend prompted partly furniture enterprise copy, hoarding up the procession of the material for North America, which prompted the recent sales wave red.

Ingredients: ju in Europe, other varieties remain relatively strong shocks slightly. Beginning in July, the European market is still sleepy backwater material, dimension stability trend. In Europe, ju wood still, maple top sales market and cherry. Industrial market introduction, dealers, only a part of the furniture enterprise purchase ju, also have decoration enterprise purchase ju used to make products such as doors, small volume increased. Organic For example, the market of the operator, like wood in financial crisis spread of more than one year, the company strictly quality, production with good dry procession ju uniform thickness and width and flat surface, stable performance, thickness and processing of 10cm etc, trusted by the customers, business overall stability. Europe is still relatively stable price overall, such as 5cm 2.2 m above (class A straight edge ju quote 5100 yuan/cubic meters, the same specification AB straight edge ju quote 32-33 yuan/cubic meter.
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